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July 13, 2009



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Daily Dudetube



Twilight star Rob Pattinson shocked his teenage fans playing gay in the indie film Little Ashes. Here's some caps of the heartthrob stripped down from the movie.




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Monday Porn Roundup


I'm loving the addition of bisexual stud Doug to the Sean Cody family. This week he's breaking in new stud Andrew. He says he's never had anyone play with his ass but Andrew really gets into bottoming. Doug fucks him in a bunch of different positions before Andre blows his load. Then Doug jizzes all over Andrew's muscle body.



Nothing sounds better in the middle of summer than some strawberry blond twink. This week You Love Jack brings us Josh Hancock. It's so hot to watch this hottie strip down and let that incredibly thick uncut cock loose. He really gets into sliding that skin over that big head. Josh can't help but spread his legs apart and tease that tight hole. Make sure you stick around until the end to watch Josh shoot his spunk all over himself.


July 14, 2009



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Tuesday Porn Roundup


I'm really happy that Caleb is back on Corbin Fisher. There's something about the shaggy hair and tan body that gets me all worked up. This week he's bottoming for hot uncut stud Bryan. Bryan's never done anything with a guy before and he really gets into Caleb giving him head. You gotta see the big cumshot that flies outta Caleb while Bryan's pounding him.



If you're a fan of cute blond guys you won't be able to resist Lance from Cocky Boys. This 19 year old college student really gets into playing with himself. He's also a self described "strict bottom" and loves showing off his tight ass and hole. Hopefully we get to see him getting pounded soon.


July 15, 2009



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Daily Dudetube

It's no secret that I'm a huge reality TV fan. I loved last year's YouTube sensation "I'm Not Here To Make Friends". The creator has made a new version focusing on the hot messes from the last 12 months.


If that's not enough reality television for you, here's the first recorded male nudity from the latest season of Big Brother. It's contestant Russell who is one half of the bodybuilder bromance and was also the target of gay slurs.


Writer Peter David shocked X-Factor readers last issue with a kiss between characters Rictor & Shatterstar. A new issue is released today, so maybe we'll get more clarification of the relationship between the characters. In old X-Force issues something beyond a friendship was hinted at, but we've seen Rictor sleeping with women in the current X-Factor series. Shatterstar creator Rob Liefield has been pretty vocal about his dislike of the possibility that his creation might be into guys. Also out today is the first issue of the big DC event of 2009 Blackest Night. You can also pick up new issues of JSA Vs Kobra, Dark Avengers, Incognito, Batman: Streets of Gotham & the groundbreaking treat Wednesday Comics in store today.




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Wednesday Porn Roundup


Kawika is the latest hot find at Island Studs. This native Hawaiian stud was really nervous and brough his brand new puppy to the shoot. After some coaxing Kawika stripped off all his clothes and really got into his porn mag. Check back next week for Kawika's full jerk off video.


July 16, 2009



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Daily Dudetube


The guys who runs Beachcruiser BlackBook hit me up on Twitter and I really like his blog. I just had to share these shots of this nautical hottie.


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I know people are sick of hearing about Sarah Palin, but this clip from The Daily Show made my week.



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Thursday Porn Roundup


So I've been checking out hot guys at least professionally for over 3 years now, so I feel like I have a pretty good eye. I'm 100% sure that Corbin Fisher's latest find Hugh will be one of the top 10 hottest amateur guys online this year. He starts off the video shyly discussing his sexual experiences. He slowly gets more confident as she strips off his clothes. Besides having a big thick uncut tool, this stud also has a perfect bubble butt begging to be played with. Hugh also has a special talent and it's so fucking hot to watch him suck his own big cock. I guarantee you'll love Hugh so head on over to Corbin Fisher and hopefully we'll be seeing a lot more of this stud.




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July 17, 2009

Daily Dudetube


The new season of Big Brother just started but we've already gotten some good nudity. Here's a shot from earlier this week of Jeff, blonde girl, Jessie & Braden.


Photographer Jay Diers has been a friend of the blog since back in the day. This weekend he's holding a print sale for a limited time. So head on over to his blog and check out some of his great work.




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Weekend Porn Roundup


The first video collaboration between Corbin Fisher & Bel Ami his finally been released. It's all my foreign exchange student fantasies come to life. Josh is one of the most popular new guys on CF and he's teamed up with blond hottie Luke Hamill. Luke speaks pretty good english and it's obvious the pair has no problem communication. Luke starts the video by giving Josh one of the most ferocious blow jobs I've ever seen. That's followed by tons of hot rimming, sucking, grinding and 69ing. Luke goes to town on Josh's ass and jackhammers him like crazy. Josh blows his load while he's getting drilled and then Luke jizzes all over his mouth and lips. Make sure you check out the super extended bonus video with tons of behind the scenes goodness and even a quick cameo by everyone's favorite BelAmi photographer Lukas Ridgeston.



I can't get enough of Randy Blue superstar Malachi Marx. In the latest video on the site Brandon Christian get woken up by yardmen Mike West & Malachi. Turns out they're at the wrong house, but Brandon quickly puts them to work. Who wouldn't love to be sandwiched between these two studs. Brandon services both of them and then they take turns fucking his hot ass. Make sure you stick around until the end to see Brandon covered in three big loads.


Friday Feature: CuteDaveyBoy


I've been a huge fan of CuteDaveyBoy since he first appeared on XTube and I know I'm not alone. Dave's video's have been viewed almost 3 million times. I so happy that this New Zealand hottie agreed to do a video exclusively for Dudetube readers. If I can convince him to come back for more is there anything you guys would like to see?


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