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Daily Dudetube

I'm not a big occasion person, but I just wanted to thank all of you readers. Today DudetubeOnline.com reached it's 3,000th post. That's an amazing accomplishment and I want to thank you all for your continued support.


Last week's first group chat of 2009 was a big success. We're having one again tonight at 10 PM eastern time. If you've never chatted before it's a great way to connect with other Dudetube readers and watch some hot cammers. So just head over to the sidebar on the right and I hope to see you there.


Yesterday I shared pics & video of ass baring fitness model Scott from the new Real World Brooklyn. Today it's openly gay dolphin trainer JD. No ass baring pics yet, so someone hurry up and uncover his manhunt profile. Check out these videos of straight but very curious Mormon boy Chet & JD discussing Magnum condoms and anal sex.

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haha whenever anyone says "I have a friend" it's themselves they are talking about...Chet is SUCH a liar...he said on the after show that he has never masturbated ever in his life...I don't believe that for one millisecond!


so i don't watch Real World at all so i don't know what has been said so far on the show about the dolphin trainer guy. i do know that he did some bartending and 'dancing' in miami and ft. lauderdale at least in 2006-7. i know cuz i went to U of Miami 2006-8 while he was an undergrad. sorry, no pictures!

This is a pair that Sean Cody needs to film! Little Mormon boy skewered by Magnum Latino!


wow that mormon guy is sooooooo gay! he is asking those questions for himself. lol


Wow, this guy is unbelievable!
Also, he would never let "a girl" touch his butthole? *Ahem*

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