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Daily Dudetube


Tonight we'll be having the first group chat of 2009! The chatroom is a great way to meet other Dudetube fans and even show off on your webcam. Just head on over to the sidebar on the right and jump right in. Hope to see you all there.


Workout: Pumping House is a great new collection that is available in stores and online today. A friend got me an advance copy a few weeks ago and I've been listening to it non-stop. It's become my official Wii background music. The collection features tons of great dance music including two tracks from my all time favorite RuPaul. I think it's a great soundtrack to all the new year's resolutions we all made last week. Check it out at the Workout: Pumping House Website.

Speaking of kickass music, check out this amazing ditty I found over at House of Vader. It's vintage kitsch from the Electric Company. I think this is begging for a rap remix. I'm imagining the Lil' Kim cameo as we speak.

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That album is awesome!
Just wanted to let everyone know, that if you have a Zune and subscribe to the ZunePass, then you can download the entire album, except for the bonus 72 minute remix!!!!
I listened to it today at Bally and the workou went by fast!


OMFG! I remember that! Lord I am old

OMG! I totally have that vid on my blog, too!


John F:

Solly lick a lolly, lick a lolly lick a lolly.

Dear God, I haven't seen that in 25 years but I remember every word. And I even remembered what Solly was wearing. I'm not kidding. I used to love that sketch when the Electric Company came on after school.

How different it all seems now.

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