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Daily Dudetube


Last week CBS accidentally aired a Survivor contestant's penis during the season premiere. Now the cock of one of the contestants on The Amazing Race is floating around the web. Hunky college stud Dallas is competing on the show with his mother. There's some question as to whether he was of age when he took the photo so we're only going to post a censored version. I'm sure with a little googling you can find the whole enchilada.

UPDATE: I've removed the censored photo after being contacted by Dallas Imbimbo


Apparently the Folsom Street Fair isn't the only place to check out naked twister. Last week the studs at the Fratpad got together for a game of "sexual twister". "Right foot Red, Left hand Cock!"


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i'm more interested in the fratpad guys. anyone know their names?


hey guys...anyone want to share Dallas' pic with me??? please??? PLEASE??? lol...


Screw it. DPB's post, along with the fact I now doubt the e-mail I received, has rejuvenated my desire to share the pic again. I'm sorry but there is NO WAY he was that young in the pic. Judge yourself. E-mail me as I am sending the pic out again. Enjoy!


The naked pix of Dallas (showing EVERYTHING in a semi-excited state, no less) were pulled from the internet because his lawyer said they were taken at age 17, making them "child porn". Well, I ran across the photo which shows the camera he used because the image was obviously taken in a mirror. The camera is distinctive in its design and is a Sony DSC T5, which was introduced August 1st, 2005--just three years ago--which means that Dallas (now 22) was, at youngest, 19 years old when the image was taken. That means he was an ADULT. It is NOT child porn. Too bad for Dallas' lawyers but good for us who've been lucky enough to see "the goods"--and HOT they are!


I call BS on the underage angle. That's a Sony CyberShot UltraSlim -- it can't be more than 2 years old.


Well, I hope all of you that I sent it to enjoyed it! I received a "unique" e-mail politely asking me to stop sharing the pic. Therefore, I will comply.


hey can you send me the uncensored photo too, lost_in_translation1978@yahoo.com


I have the pic. E-mail me if you want it. valleydwellernorth@hotmail.com


Can you please send me the uncensored pic as well.

Thnx in advance



please someone email me the pic!
ive been looking for houser
i love dallas


Please send me the uncensored version too. I can't seem to find it either.


I'd like to see that pic too...mymindisblank999@yahoo.com


If you go to google and type in dallas imbimbo nude and go to unfiltered images it should be the first on scroll down to the bottom


I read that same thing (he was legal age, and you can tell from the camera he used??) I was trying to see the pic for myself.. only if it is legal. Had a crush on him since I saw him on the show.



does anyone have it? i would love to see it as well.

please email it to me if you do... jaymc12@gmail.com


i want to see that can someone email it to me



If anyone found it I would love to see it too. He was probably old enough, but didn't want it floating around.


can someone email me the uncensored pic. please... i'm a fan (of naked pics). haha.

thanks guys.


Hey wow dallas is some hot stuff eh? If anybody knows where to find the uncensored pic or has it please send it to me or let me know....matchpoint40_40@hotmail.com


I really would like the uncensored version of the dallas pic still! I need it!


hey i cant find the dallas pictures, please email! thanks!


ughh! the uncensored version is no where to be found..
do you think you could email it to me? dallas is so gorgeous i cant help but gawk at him!


damn, Dallas was under age when he took that pic?? ive never seen a 17 year old guy look that good!!


Went to college with Dallas and worked with him. Not too smart but "it's" huge (wink, wink).

les deux:

i cant find the dallas picture!!! i googled for like an hour haha

someone send it to me! :-)



Awww, man. That pic is nowhere to be found in the googleverse


anyone have the "whole enchilada" pic :) of that amazing race stud, Dallas? I TOTALLY wanna see it but can't find it. e-mail it to me if you have a link :) please siren1984@gmail.com


Damnit, every frickin' site has seemed to take the uncensored pic down of that guy. I wanna see it!! :( You know that's complete BS about him being underage. They knew that was the way to get sites to take it down.

Can't help but love naked Twister. :P

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