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Daily Dudetube-Updated


The 34th issue of DC Comics Manhunter hit stores yesterday. Manhunter was created and is written by the Marc Andreyko (who is openly gay) and tells the story of Kate Spencer (lawyer/mom/superhero). Former JLA & Infinity Inc member Obsidian has also been featured in the series as the boyfriend of Kate's assistant Damon. They are one of the few openly gay couples in comics and this latest issue included a kiss between the pair. Is this the first gay male kiss in a DC/Marvel book (non-Vertigo/Wildstorm)? I'm sure my other gay comic fans can help me out with this.


Ok, so I totally forgot about this scene from Manhunter #18 and this bedroom scene from #19.


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Gregory, it seems that Northstar has never kissed another guy.

I loved this issue of Manhunter. I'm so glad Obsidian is in it and doing stuff because he is LAME in JSA, except for giving a pep talk to an alternate future reality Superman and fighting Magog once - not much action for head of security of a building that get's blown up every other day. And, by-the-by, what are Todd's qualifications for being head of security?


Ha! That stuff is in "Manhunter". I just got that.


I'm all for the kissing but does the dialogue have to ve (a) so stereotypical ("Dark roast is a bitch to get out of the carpet.") and (b) does the one scene they get have to revolve around how they want to have sex i.e. "I'm into cosplay" or whatever? It just puts off the "great, two more bitchy fags whose relationship revolves around fucking" vibe, and I would hope for more.


How about the early 90's Vertigo series The Enigma? I'm not even a comic head, but I bought that series, it was pretty rad. If I remember correctly there was more than a kiss shared.


Wasn't Northstar from Alpha Flight gay? I remember reading the issue where he declared he was. I am not sure that they ever portrayed him kissing another guy or not.

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