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Fratmen: Nash


Fratmen deserves an award for finding some of the hottest guys online. This week they bring us the heavenly Nash. He's a college jock from New England with model looks, beautiful blue eyes, a killer body and a big hot cock. I got hard just from checking out his pictures. Nash's video is supersexy with two big cumshots and a shower in between. Check out a preview video after the jump. You just can't miss this stud. Check out all of Nash at Fratmen.


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Mike Luna:

I somehow got friended by him on facebook. He was selling t-shirts and I think he was hoping I'd buy some. Anyway, he is indeed purely beautiful. I think he needs to continue in a nude male modeling career despite all that happened. He could do very well, but I guess wrestling is his number one priority:) Nash/Paul, if you read this, please consider re-entering the modeling world. We all love you and would appreciate seeing the body of Adonis that you have!


What a great sexy man. I would love his dick


Nash completes me. I love the shot when he takes his dick out of his underwear - it's almost like he's only just discovered it! I love you, Nash. You are my world. p.s. Does anyone know where I can get that underwear?


Just to clear things up... I'm from Nebraska and just wanted to share that this isn't the only reason this guy was kicked off the team. He had countless other run-ins with the law and was near suspension many times before. This was just the straw that broke the camels back. It also violated NCAA rules. That said...I do think he is HOT.


The use your body in adult films doesn't mean you used it in relation to being the
wrestling team by stating
that are a wrestler and that use their name as a way making money. They don't own your body. Where and when you sex, whether it be jerking-off, or whatever, the of their moral code should be used to discriminate against those who have sex for pay weather or not you are Gay or straight. I would fight this a discrimination against your private sexuality which wrong and should be fought in the courts.


I found out about him rather late, but I just had to post a comment. He truly is the best thing that ever happened to gay porn - past, present and future. Every inch of his body is sheer perfection. Flawless, yummy, to die for. Thanks Nash, for baring and sharing it all!


Paul/Nash.... Nebraska took a MASSIVE loss by being homophobic & using you for a witch hunt! It is THEIR LOSS! The loss of 24 credits is NOTHING compared to the NCAA advantage Nebraska lost by being JERKS. You will succeed in all your lives endeavors & everyone is proud of you for showing the sports world that guys who are comfortable with their sexuality can simultaneously support their gay counterparts (i.e. your quote of "who cares" to guys who have sex with guys). GOOD ONYA' MATE!!





Onne hot dude!


What a naturally hot looking guy. He has an almost perfect body.


Close down the blog. There can be NO better pics posted anywhere, anytime. Hot. Wholesome. Fun. Beautiful. Incredible cock. Awesome smile. Intense eyes. This guy is perfection. Hollywood has to agree. Nash--you are the KING.


how hot is he? that pic of him on his back, big hard cock...... mmmmmmmmmm


WOW - this guy is amazing. The video clip is wonderful. Love the little bit of fur visible in his asscrack. He may be one of the prettiest men I have ever seen.


Damn, he has the most amazing eyes!!!


OMG..and its so great that a naturally beautiful guy like this knows what he wants (dudes)...and feels free to show it off...and the guy is just a college Freshman?
Good for you, Nash.



OMG - I would leave my girlfriend for this guy. I SO BADLY would eat his ass, suck his cock and swallow his sperm!!!! Dino from Montreal


He is too goodlooking.


i luv, luv, luv this blog. my day is not the same without my dudetube fix. i have to have a shirt, where is the dudetube store?

Big Brother:

OMG the eyes are great, i could look at them all day, but night time is for the rest of the body


Another job well done for Fratmen AND to you Matt! Thanks for all you do to bring us this site!

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