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June 16, 2008



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Daily Dudetube


Check out these amazing pictures by Gabriel Goldberg for Ajaxx63. You can check out more from this shoot on the Ajaxx63 blog. You can see more of Gabriel's work on his Flickr which also includes some great shots of Kimberly my new favorite PussycatDoll.


eugenie0616.jpg Prince William & Harry seem really boring compared to their cousins Beatrice and Eugenie. First Beatrice wore that amazing butterfly hat to her cousin's wedding and now Eugenie has gotten in trouble for running around in the nude. Apparently Eugenie was caught dancing naked in the moonlight along with a dozen other girls at her posh boarding school. The girls had been partying at a local pub to relieve exam stress. The girls were all sent home and are no longer allowed to stay at the school on the weekends. Fergie had no comment.


Newsarama has a sneak peek at DC Comics solicitations for September. I'm really looking forward to Geoff Johns & George Perez's Legion of Three Worlds. I was a huge fan of the post-Zero Hour team and I've been trying to catch up on the original runs. I'm hoping some of my favs like Kinetix, XS, Kid Quantum II & Andromeda in the mini-series.

robin0616.jpg Last night I was half watching the Tonys and got super excited when I saw Robin De Jesus. Robin was nominated for his role in In The Heights but some of you might know him better as Michael from the movie Camp. Josh & Josh have an interview with Robin and Heights creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda.

ChaosMen: Teo & Silas


It's been so exciting to watch the evolution of Teo on ChaosMen. We've already seen him do a solo, get serviced and even jerk off side by side with his best friend. Now Teo moves on to the big leagues and Silas is the lucky guy helping him get there. These guys aren't shy at all and after ripping off each others clothes they take turns sucking each other. Teo has a great ass and is into having it played with so Silas defnitely takes advantage of that. Teo is a great top and after lots of hot fucking he blows his load all over Silas' face. Check out all of the evolution of Teo at ChaosMen.


June 17, 2008



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Daily Dudetube


The latest issue of W magazine includes a gorgeous spread shot by the legendary Bruce Weber. It's the latest designers with the hottest models with a little Kate Moss thrown in for fun. Check out tons more on the W website.


Dave from MTV's The Real World definitely has not problem with nudity. We've seen him shave naked and wear a whip cream bikini and now he's decided to share his nakedness with the rest of Hollywood. Check out this click of Dave streaking.


Showtime's Weeds had it's season four premiere last night. Check out this shot of the newly beefed up Hunter Parrish who plays Silas on the show.



This weekend Fratpad celebrated their second anniversary. It's one of my favorite sites and I've been checking it out from the beginning. Last week I shared some shots from the first days of the Pad. Here's a run down of some of Fratpad's most loved residents. I'm sure I've left out someone, but there have been a lot of guys over 2 years. Also after the jump check out a bunch of shots from the Pad's first year that were lost with the blogspot. You can check out all of the Dudetubeonline posts HERE.



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June 18, 2008



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Daily Dudetube


Super photographer Joe Oppedisano recently shot superhottie Damien Crosse. Damien looks amazing in these pictures and you can see more at his blog.


If that's not enough Joe Oppedisano goodness for you check out this trailer for the new movie Knockout!. It's a behind the scenes look as Joe photographs boxers, fighters and other athletes. Knockout! is available now.

kathy0618b.jpg My favorite funny lady Kathy Griffin just released her first comedy cd "For Your Consideration". She's won an Emmy and now she's gunning for a Grammy. On the cd she takes on Barbara Walters, Stephen Spielberg and even Oprah. Kathy's Bravo show My Life on the D-List just started its fourth season.

VH1's I Love Money doesn't premiere until July 6th but there's already a preview of the first episode out. The gang faces their first challenge: getting off the boat! You'll have to tune in to see if Midget Mac makes it safely to dry land.

June 19, 2008




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Daily Dudetube


My new boyfriend Lee K has been working with photographer Aron Norman. You can check out a bunch of shots from the session on Aron's site.


mario-lopez-nude.jpg Mario Lopez has been named on of People magazine's "Hottest Bachelors". Mario appears naked in this week's issue and even recreated Marky Mark's famous Calvin Klein underwear shot. Just Jared caught Mario outside the Schoenfeld Theatre where he is currently perfoming in A Chorus Line. You can see what Mario's ex Karina Smirnoff thinks of him in this Chelsea Lately clip.


The Queen's granddaughters were showing off their best hats at the first day of Royal Ascot. I think Zara stole the show from her cousins Beatrice and Eugenie.



Fleshbot dug up this 2003 video of hockey player Dustin Brown getting caught naked on camera. You can see all of Dustin while his teammate gets interviewed by ESPN. Had over to Fleshbot to see the video.


Dazzler has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters. What's better than a disco queen/superhero? Well maybe a washed up disco queen who's a reluctant superhero. Superstar Jim Lee drew this Dazzler pic and theres tons more of his work on his MySpace page.

June 20, 2008



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Daily Dudetube


Yesterday Mario Lopez was showing off his People magazine spread in NYC and now the issue has hit stands all over the country. I have to admit I was always a much bigger Zack Morris fan, but I'm not gonna turn down a chance to see A.C. Slater almost naked.


Jake Cruise got a lot of press for getting Zeb Atlas to do his first guy on guy action scene. Now Jake's convinced superhottie Mike Roberts to bottom on film for the first time. I've always been a huge fan of Mike and he's looking better than ever.



We all know that James from this year's Big Brother has no problem getting naked and showing off. I was checking out Fleshbot and found these great blopped videos of James' porn shoots. Head on over to the Plushie Schwartz blog to watch the videos.


daredevil80por.jpg Marvel Comics has released this Steve McNiven variant cover to Secret Invasion #4 out July 9th. The cover features Iron Man along with Spider-Woman (Skrull Queen?) and a long haired Black Widow. Jessica & Natasha's interactions have seemed a little Skrully lately. Also we can't forget that Natasha teamed up with Skullektra way back during Bendis' Daredevil run. I hope this doesn't negate Natasha's appearances in Captain America because I've really enjoyed her backstory with Bucky. You can read more about issue #4 and get some Leinil Yu preview art at the Marvel Website.

Fratpad: Diego's Wild Week


I know something extraordinarily hot has happened when I get an email from Jasun telling me I had to check out the Fratpad archives. Diego and new pledge Travis put on a killer show this past Wednesday. It definitely is some must see footage and both guys looked amazing playing around in their jockstraps. I thought I'd throw in some more shots of Diego through the week so you can see what these studs get up to. Also check out this great video of Chase and Alumni Kelan waxing Diego's cute hairy ass.



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