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Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel wraps up this Thursday. Last week the show played to its strengths and got all the models naked. The amazing Matthew Rolston shot the final four as the elements. So who do you want to win, Perry, Ben, Ronnie or Holly? I think for season 2 they should just get rid of the audience voting and let Nicki & Tyson decide.


Duffy is the latest UK soul singer crossing over to the US. She's not quite as edgy as Amy Winehouse, but at this point I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

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I think that Ronnie should win -- first he is so fucking hot !!! I think he has improved alot. Holly could be a good runway model -- thats it I think. She lacks personality and is boring. GO RONNIE !!!!!


I think letting the audience to vote is fine BUT they should let professional judges to decide as well since this is a supermodel search competition afterall. Not just who this viewers will have a crush on the most. People Just pick the cute guys over someone who really has supermodel potentials. Make me a supermodel is still way better than America's next top model. Loves it!


Make Me a Supermodel has been one of my favorite shows this season too, but the finale isn't this week. It's next Thursday - this week is the reunion special. I am personally cheering for Ben or Ronnie to win, but would prefer Ben. Perry doesn't deserve it and Holly's not tough enough to handle criticism. Thanks for posting these hot pics!


Love Duffy u r right she's NO amy but she is good.Everyone should check out her CD.

I love Make Me A Supermodel. I wish they would make me one.

And yeah, I'm not sure anyone should be as edgy as Amy Winehouse...especially after seeing that last batch of photos of her. She looked like a Romero Zombie...or straw-cult Sue Dibny in that one issue of 52.


I like the audience voting. They pick the 2 or 3 people for the audience to vote out, so they still have some control over how the show plays out.

But I think in the episode before last Thursday's, they should have picked Ben and Ronnie instead of Ben and Sharon to be up. It would have added to the drama of the show (splitting them apart), would have gotten rid of Ben (although his photo shoot was awesome, I think he's far too weak of a model to be in the final four), and it would have made the final four be two women and two men.

I also think in last Thursday's episode they should have narrowed it down from those four people to at least three if not two. Even though the nudity was fun, it was kind of a waste to watch the whole episode only to be left with the same people.


I agree with Josh. Holly is the best model there and she should win the competition, but she won't because the majority of the votrs will vote for one of the guys to win because they're just cute, you know.


I agree. I think the audience voting should be done away with. I think Holly should be the winner. She has been consistently good.

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