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March 23, 2008



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March 24, 2008

Daily Dudetube


Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel wraps up this Thursday. Last week the show played to its strengths and got all the models naked. The amazing Matthew Rolston shot the final four as the elements. So who do you want to win, Perry, Ben, Ronnie or Holly? I think for season 2 they should just get rid of the audience voting and let Nicki & Tyson decide.


Duffy is the latest UK soul singer crossing over to the US. She's not quite as edgy as Amy Winehouse, but at this point I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

UK Naked Men: Harry


So I end up checking out a lot of porn in the course of running this blog. Every once and awhile I find a stud that totally blows my mind. Harry from UK Naked Men is definitely one of those guys. This young British hottie has a killer body, model looks and one of the most amazing cocks. There's just something about a thick uncut cock that drives me wild. Harry's got a bunch of hot pics on the site as well as some superhot jerk off videos. Head on over to UK Naked Men and enjoy Harry.




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Daily Dudetube


After being down for awhile the BloggerSnaps miraculously returned on Sunday. You guys wasted no time taking some of the hottest snaps I've seen in a long time. If you haven't shown off yet or feel like doing it again head on over to the sidebar. Remember you can check out all the snaps in the Dudetube Gallery.



SciFi Channel's Battlestar Galactica is set to return for a fourth and final season on April 4th. Three of the hot ladies from the show appeared in the latest issue of GQ magazine. I wasn't a huge fan of last season, but hopefully the show will wrap everything up in style.

March 25, 2008



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March 26, 2008

Daily Dudetube



I don't really get the whole Jonas Brothers thing but I read about this on ONTD and couldn't resist sharing. According to restauranteur Steven Schussler oldest Jonas Brother Kevin isn't into manscaping. Schuslsler ran into the Jonases on a recent flight to Minnesota and couldn't help but notice Kevin's hairiness. "His shirt was above his belly button. He had a really hairy stomach. He was wearing his jeans really low, like cropped down to his crotch. And I'm looking at all this hair and thinking, 'Man, that's almost like some of these people who wear their baggy pants below their shorts. This is the FRONT VERSION of that! Wow, that's kind of risque.' Not like I'm a prude."


We'll be having a group chat tonight at 11PM EST. I hope to see you all there and make sure to bring your cams.


It looks like Ashton Kutcher doesn't have any issues with manscaping. JustJared caught Mr. Demi Moore looking suprisingly smooth while filming his new romantic comedy Spread.

Fratmen: Hugh


I never thought I'd be extolling the virtues of bush on my blog, but it seems like today's all about manscaping or the lack thereof. Hugh is the latest amazing find of the folks at Fratmen and he's all natural below the belt. I'm so used to seeing guys trimmed or shaved that it's a big turn on to see Hugh. It doesn't hurt that he's got an amazing body, big meaty ass and a hot thick cock. Hugh busts two big loads in his video and takes a steamy shower that shows off every inch of the built body. Check out all of Hugh at Fratmen.


March 27, 2008



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Daily Dudetube


ToddyLive is one of the hottest camsites out there. After his last video Toddy really wanted to push his boundaries and make something spectacular for all you Dudetube readers. Tune in tomorrow to watch two videos of Toddy literally pushing his boundaries with the incredible Tom Chase dildo.


One of my favorite artists Paul Pope is making the jump to fashion. Pope has teamed with DKNY for a new line debuting in stores this August. You can check out a preview of the threads at Nylon.


The first issue of Secret Invasion hits stores next week. Entertainment Weekly has a 10 page preview up on their website. This week's New Avengers tie-in featuring Echo & Wolverine was pretty good, although David Mack was definitely not delivering his A game. I'm excited to see what Jim Cheung & Alex Maleev will deliver on their upcoming Avengers issues. SI fans should also check out the latest issue of Wizard for a killer Frank Cho cover and lots of Leinil Yu preview art.

UK Naked Men: Dirty Mechanics 2


You guys really liked UK Naked Men's Harry earlier this week so I figured I'd share more of this stud. Dirty Mechanics 2 starts with Diesel checking out Harry's iPod and finds the dirty vids he's done for UKNM. Before you know it Diesel is swallowing Harry's incredibly thick uncut meat. Harry doesn't hesitate to return the favor and this stud looks so hot with a cock in his mouth. This video is full of tons of hot fucking. It's such a turn on to see Harry pounding Diesel with his killer cock. Harry ends the video spraying a big load all over Diesel's ass. Check out all the action at UK Naked Men.




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March 28, 2008



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Daily Dudetube


Michael Phelps better watch his hot speedo ass beause there's a new hot swimmer getting a lot of attention. Ryan Lochte was shot by the amazing Bruce Weber for the latest issue of VMan. Here's another shot of Ryan showing off a nice package.



I've been waiting for this since the final issue of 52 and now Earth-2 is officially returning this summer. Geoff Johns, Alex Ross & Jerry Ordway are taking Power Girl back to her reality in the summer's JSofA annual. I'm exicted to see Helena Wayne and the Infinity Inc. crew. You can read all about Earth-2 at Newsarama.



I'm so excited to have Toddy from the superhot camsite ToddyLive doing his second video for all you Dudetube readers. You guys really enjoyed his last video and Toddy really wanted to do something bigger and even better. When it comes to dildos I'm not sure there's much bigger than the Tom Chase model. It's so hot to see Toddy take on this monster and it definitely makes him cum buckets. You can see tons more at ToddyLive and if any of you Dudetube readers can help hook Toddy up with the real live Tom Chase please let me know.


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Sean Cody: Owen & Reid


Owen has quickly become one of my favorite guys on Sean Cody. This week Owen's paired up with hottie Reid. Both Owen & Reid are pretty shy guys, but once the clothes come off they really loosen up. Reid starts the video off by using a toy on Owen's hot ass. This is only Owen's second time bottoming but he really gets into it. It's so hot to watch Owen moan as Reid fucks his hot ass. Check out all the action at Sean Cody.



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