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December 10, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


Mark Feehily from my favorite UK boyband Westlife is on the cover of this month's Attitude with his boyfriend Kevin McDaid. I always had a big crush on Bryan McFadden, but my friend Todd loves Mark. Kevin was in a boyband too and there's naked pics of him floating around online.


Patrick Fillion sent me this great drawing he did of X-Man Colossus. You can check out more of Patrick's hot work on his recently redesigned website and his blog Boytoons.



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December 11, 2007

Dudetube Gift Guide: Books

If you're anything like me, you're probably still working on your holiday shopping. Over the next couple days I'm gonna feature some of the stuff I loved this year that would make great gifts.


Two of my favorite artists released books this year.James Jean is probably best known for the amazing covers he does every month for the series Fables. His second book Process Recess 2 is a huge gorgeous collection of sketches and work he's done for clients and magazines. Every piece is suitable for framing and I get lost in this book over and over again.


The supersexy and supertalented Paul Pope released his first collection of his art PULPHOPE this year. Paul has done some amazing comics such as THB and Heavy Liquid and last year wrote and drew the awesome Batman: Year 100. Paul's art is gritty and stylized and has a great energy. His book is packed with art as well as long essays from Paul himself. Both books are available from AdHouse Books

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Blake Mason: Jack & Robbie


I know I've said it before but I totally have a thing for hung bottoms. There's just something about watching a guy with a big cock getting fucked that turns me on. Robbie from Blake Mason definitely fits that bill. In this most recent vid he's getting pounded by the supersexy Jack. Both of these studs have big uncut pieces and there's lots of kissing, rubbing and sucking before Robbie gets fucked. Check out all the action at Blake Mason.


December 12, 2007



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Dudetube Gift Guide: DVDs

For day two of Dudetube's gift guide I thought I'd bring you some of my favorite DVDs I picked up this year. If you missed it you can check out yesterday's post about books here.


I was thrilled when I heard that Jennifer Saunders, the creator of Absolutely Fabulous was doing a new series for the BBC. Clatterford (or Jam & Jerusalem as it's know outside the US) is completely opposite from what I expected and I totally loved it. It's a great half hour dramedy focusing on a small town nurse, her family and the women's guild she joins. It might be lacking the over the top comedy of AbFab but it's plenty funny and has great heart.


HBO's The Wire has been called the best show on TV by TIME & Entertainment Weekly and The Guardian said it is the greatest show of the last 20 years. All four seasons are currently out on DVD, with season 5 set to start airing in January. I can't say enough about this crime drama set in the streets of Baltimore. This intricate show has expertly tackled everything from drugs, violence, poverty, politics and schools. It's one of those shows you can watch over and over again and all four seasons work together to tell an incredible story about life in America.

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Fratmen: Luke


I'm so excited that Luke's video has gone live on Fratmen. Luke did a live Fratmen.tv show awhile back and I instantly fell for this cutie. In his solo vid we get to see every inch of this stud. Luke's got an adorable face with lips so kissable. He also has a big thick cock that I can think of tons of things I'd like to do with. In the video he blows two big loads and we get to watch this jock play around in the bathtub. You can check out all of Luke as well as his archived live show on Fratmen.


December 13, 2007



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It looks like xtube is acting up again today. Some of the embedded videos aren't playing. Remember you can always see the vids by clinking the LINK below the screen.


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Dudetube Gift Guide: Music

This week I'm bring you my suggestions for great gift items for yourself or your loved ones. You can check out myprevious choices of Books & DVDs.


For me this year was all about the return of Funk/Soul and it's current queen has to be Amy Winehouse. I know Amy gets much more attention for her personal life than her music, but Back to Black is one of my favorite albums this year. This album is incredibly well put together with great production, biting lyrics and Amy turning in a great vocal performance. It's definitely worth looking past the antics and sitting down to listen.


A lot of the credit for Back to Black belongs to producer Mark Ronson. Ronson released his own cd Version this year. Version features artists like Winehouse, Lily Allen & Daniel Merriweather covering mostly familiar songs with a Ronson twist. He does a great job of recreating songs like Britney Spear's "Toxic" and Radiohead's "Just".


The Dap-Kings have been the supporting band for both Ronson & Winehouse and their album with Sharon Jones, 100 Days, 100 Nights is another one of my favorites. This album sounds like a lost classic that someone just unearthed. Sharon was a prison guard before she hooked up with the Kings and her vocals are just amazing. This is a must have for anyone who loves the classic sound of Funk/Soul.

Pierre Fitch & Turk


Last week Pierre Fitch left Montreal for the Big Apple to meet up with hottie Turk. These two tattooed studs were totally into each other and you can watch it all on Pierre's website. This video is full of hot kissing, sucking and rimming. It's so hot to watch these guys eat ass and it's clear they both love it. After they're both totally worked up, Pierre & Turk take turns fucking each other. You can check out all the action at PierreFitchOnline.


December 14, 2007



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Dudetube Gift Guide: Comics

This week I've been bring you suggestions for great gifts for yourself and your loved ones. You can check out my previous choices of Books, DVDs and Music.


I have to admit that I wasn't a huge fan of the DC weekly series 52 while it was being released. I picked up an issue here and there but only enjoyed some of what I read. While I was on vacation I sat down and read the whole series, which is now collected in 4 volumes. It really was as good as I hoped it would be. It has 4 of the best writers in comics today (Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns & Mark Waid) telling the stories of a great cast of characters. There's amazing character development in 52 in a way it could never be done in a monthy.


If you're looking for a fun gorgeous book Casanova is the title for you. Writer Matt Fraction (Iron Fist) along with artist Gabriel Ba (Umbrella Academy) tell the story of fuck up Casanova Quinn. Casanova gets dragged into a world of espionage, sex and parallel dimensions. He's one of the best anti-heroes I've read in years. The first seven issues of the series are collected in Casanova Volume 1: Luxuria.

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Sean Cody: Carlton & Harley


There are some Sean Cody models I can't get enough of (Hi Rodney!) and Harley is definitely one of them. Harley's been away from the site for a minute but he's left his girlfriend at home and come back to the joys of mansex. Harley's big uncut cock is as delicious as it ever was and new guy Carlton gets to enjoy every inch. After some hot making out Carlton swallows Harley's long meat. You can tell how much Harley loves fucking and he pounds Carlton in all kinds of ways. Check out all the action at Sean Cody.



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