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Daily Dudetube


You guys are doing take such hot pics using BloggerSnap. I think Dudetube definitely has the hottest readers out there. Thanks so much for sharing! Glad to see some familiar faces (Hi HappyCross!) and lots of sexy bodies. If you haven't shown off yet head over to the sidebar and remember you can always check out all the snaps in the Dudetube Gallery



The Superman Prime special hits stores today. I have to say I love this twisted version of Superman and can't wait to see him let loose on the DCU. The Sinestro Corps War also continues in this week's Green Lantern Corps and spills over in to Blue Beetle #20. Over on the Marvel side the lteast issue of Ultimate Spider-Man is out today. I'm loving the team of Bendis and Immonen. The Ultimate version of Carol Danvers is getting a lot of screen time in these issues. Does anyone know where Ultimate Nick Fury went? Are we meant to think he ran off after the last issue of The Ultimates?


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