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October 7, 2007



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October 8, 2007

Daily Dudetube

It looks like xtube is having some bugs this morning. The videos haven't actually been removed. Remember you can always watch the videos by clicking the LINK below the video screen.


I want to thank VH1 for their "reality" programming which gives me so much pleasure. Last night was the Rock of Love Reunion show. It turns out Bret Michaels should have picked the stripper after all. At least that means there will be a Rock of Love 2 and maybe a Charm School for these ladies. Last night was also the premiere of America's Most Smartest Model in which aspiring models are challenged to be both smart and modely. Andre was my instant favorite. Althought it might have been because this cocky self-proclaimed Soviet was shirtless most of the episode. I'd rather watch this than Tyra anyday.



I picked up a bunch of old issues of DC's Secret Society of Super Villains and it's actually a lot of fun to read. Basically Captain Comet and a Manhunter clone are running around with a bunch of DCU baddies including Sinestro, Star Sapphireand a bunch of Flash's Rougues. I totally love the "DC Comics Salutes the Bicentennial" header. Inside I also found this Superman PSA telling kids they shouldn't crash a party they weren't invited to. Was this the biggest social issue they could come up with to address in 1976?




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October 9, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


You guys have been turning out some amazing snaps in the BloggerSnaps feature. The guy in the first set of snaps better email me because I need you to come down to NC and be my boyfriend. Remember you can always check out all the snaps in the Dudetube Gallery. And if you like showing off in the snaps you should definitely come by the chatroom.



Huge thanks to the Dudetube reader who got me some gifts off my Amazon Wishlist. I fucking love Francois Rousseau's Male Nudes and Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale's Long Halloween is one of the greatest comic mysteries ever. Thanks so much!


Big thanks also to Daniel who took this pic after getting all horned up on Dudetube.

Bang Bang Boys: Bira


So I've been searching all over the web trying to find you guys new and superhot sites. One of my new favorites is Bang Bang Boys and a lot of that has to do with the superhot Bira. Bang Bang Boys is full of hunky hung latin studs and has steamy videos of them showing off and getting off. They discovered Bira modelling for a local magazine and knew they had to see him naked. Bira's got a killer smile, great body and wicked tats. It was so hot to see this jock strip down and show off his amazing ass and big uncut cock. Bira has two different solos on the site. One is him playing outdoors and the other is a shower scene. CLICK HERE to check out a superhot preview video of Bira. One of the great perks of joining Bang Bang Boys is that you also get access to 4 other great sites.


October 10, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


Today looks like it will be a great comic day. Green Lantern #24 is out and the Sinestro Corps War hits Earth. This double spread by Ivan Reis is gorgeous. If you haven't decided what you're getting me for the holidays I'll take this please :). The latest issue of New Avengers is out too and things aren't looking great for Tigra. Hopefully Greer hasn't used up all of her 9 lives and will be able to get out of this one. I know my new Dutch boyfriend thinks I suck Bendis' cock too much, but I just can't stop.


If all that wasn't enough the new Green Arrow/Black Canary series kicks off today. After the shocking ending of the Wedding Special it will be interesting to see where this series goes. I'm just excited that we get to see more art from the amazing Cliff Chiang.


Fratmen: Payne


It looks like the Fratmen have another winner on their hands with hottie Payne. This football stud's got a body to die for and a killer ass. Oh did I mention that smile? Payne gets off twice in his video with a steamy shower in between. I think this jock is definitely a keeper. I also really like the redesigned Fratmen site with movies you can download and bigger photos. There's even a new members only blog with photos and videos behind the scenes of Fratmen.


October 11, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


Designer Tom Ford's on the cover of the upcoming issue of OUT magazine. His photos were shot by the incredible Terry Richardson and include him horsing around with male models in the showers. Some of the shots were too racy for the magazine including this play on Ford's infamous perfume ad.




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October 12, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


You guys are killing me with the hottness in the Blogger Snaps. I have to say that i love when one guy take a bunch of snaps showing off different views of himself and of couse I love the creative guys. Big props to Smiley who grabbed my attention right away.


It's no suprise that I've been a huge fan of the "Sinestro Corps War" storyline running through Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps. I'm especially liking the spotlight on Lantern Sodam Yat. This Daxamite was created by Alan Moore ages ago and hasn't really been featured since. Doesn't hurt that Patrick Gleason keeps drawing him so hunky.

ChaosMen: Robert 'Edge'


Recently ChaosMen let members vote on which model they wanted to see in the next 'Edge' video. I'm a huge fan of the 'Edge' setup and really wanted to see superhottie Robert get worked over. I'm really suprised that I haven't featured this stud on the site before. He's done vids with Zack Randall and Adam, each time pushing his straight boundaries. If you've seen an 'Edge' vid before you know the model usually ends up doing a lot more than just sitting there getting blown. This tall stud ends up sucking a cock for the first time as well as taking a toy up his hot ass. I'm going be watching this vid over and over all weekend long. Check out all the action at ChaosMen.



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