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September 23, 2007




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Daily Dudetube


I was visting DList this weekend and was shocked to find that I had 999 friends on the site. DList is like Myspace for gay guys and has the option of naked pictures. So if you want to be my 1,000th friend log on and send me a request.


I was sick this weekend, so I spend two day watching a So You Think You Can Dance marathon on MTV, jerking off to Buckshot's Brotherhood DVD and surfing the web. I found wickydkewl's video blog about Canadians & circumscion which lead me to his blog and totally feel for this cutie. He does a lot of talky blogs, which I generally don't like but Dave's cute and interesting and I liked hearing his thoughts on things. I totally think he should be my new boyfriend.


September 24, 2007

Fratmen: Seb


Fratmen is definitely on a roll. Last week it was new hottie Conner and this week we have new stud Seb. It's been awhile since Fratmen had a bodybuilder on the site. I'm totally in lust with his muscles and tan skin. It doesn't hurt that he has a nice big cock too. The hottest part of this video for me was watching Seb in the shower. It shows off every inch of that built body and he looks amazing. Check out all the action at Fratmen.




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Daily Dudetube


So thanks to a cold, Tivo and MTV I watched the entire last season of So You Think You Can Dance in three days. It was a lot of fun, but I'm not entirely sure I could have maintained my interest had I watched it from week to week. I do think the whole show is psychologically/sociologically fascinating. To me it's a bunch of gay guys dancing with girls, but all the judges talk about is chemistry, sexuality and passion. I kept expecting one of the choreographers to scream out "Imagine she's your boyfriend!" There's also the whole female teenage audience screaming every time the dancers do any moves that are vaguely sexual. I totally think someone could write a term paper on the show. I did totally fall for Pasha and so think he should be my boyfriend. We could go out for margaritas with Mary Murphy & Mia Michaels.


I've been a huge fan of Leinil Yu's work on New Avengers and have been looking for a page to buy since he started his run. When I saw the Hawkeye shower scene in last issue I knew that was the one to snag. I love that they fogged out his ass and now I own the uncensored version.

September 25, 2007

ChaosMen: Victor


As soon as I saw Victor's thick uncut cock on ChaosMen I was totally in lust. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to suck on that monster? I can practically taste the precum now. Victor's a straight guy who's always dreamed about being in porn. It's so hot to watch him work that big dick and shoot all over that athletic body. Bryan said that Victor has a dirty streak, so maybe we'll get to see this stud again. Check out the action at ChaosMen.


September 26, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


Wonder Woman Annual #1 hits stores today. This issue was originally scheduled to be issue #5 or the series and wraps up Alan Heinberg's run on the character. I really like Heinberg's issues and even though it's taken forever I'm glad to see this being released. There are also new issues of Justice League of America, Iron Fist & Ultimate Spider-Man out today.


So apparently a bunch of conservatives are up in arms about this year's Folsom Street Fair poster depicting a leather last supper. I'm just pissed that I can't be there this weekend. I need all you Dudetube readers who are attending to take a lot of pics and flood my email with them. I'm depending on you. Oh and make sure you say hi to Pierre Fitch and Francois Sagat for me.

September 27, 2007



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Daily Dudetube


Francois Sagat has a bunch of smoking pics from his visit to Miami up on his blog. Francois' hunky straight friend was more than willing to show off on the beach with Francois.



We're only two months away from Jeph Loeb and Joe Madureira's Ultimates Volume 3. It looks like their run has been cut back to only five issues. It was supposed to be followed by Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness on Volume 4, but they've moved on to Hulk. With the upcoming Ultimate Origins and Ultimatum it looks like the Ultimate Universe is headed for a big shake up. It's been rumored that both Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four might be cancelled. I hope this doesn't mess up Ultimate Spider-Man which has become one of my favorite titles now that Stuart Immonen is drawing it.


This hottie from Dudetube BloggerSnaps is officially my new boyfriend for today.

Sean Cody: Billy, Terry & Ford


So far on Sean Cody Billy has bottomed for studs like Rodney and Clark. As the desert house visit was winding down Terry said it was a shame that Billy hadn't had a chance to top someone with his hot cock. Before you knew it the guys were naked in the pool and they'd dragged along straight hottie Ford. After some hot making out in the pool in the rain and underwater sucking these three studs headed inside for more fun. Since both Terry & Billy love to bottom, Ford decided to fuck them both with dildos. It's so hot to see these guys side by side both with toys in their asses. Terry eventually gets pounded by both of the other guys before all three blow some amazing cumshots. Check out all the action at Sean Cody.




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Daily Dudetube


I'm bummed that I can't be in SF this weekend for the Folsom Street Fair. I hope you guys who are able to attend will take a lot of pics and flood my email with them. I'm depending on you. Oh and make sure you say hi to Pierre Fitch and Francois Sagat for me. There are a bunch more photos from last years fair on Bentley Race.




I was so fucking excited yesterday when I got this drawing of Green Arrow by the amazing Hvh. I've been a big fan of his work for awhile and he promised he'd do something for the blog when he got a chance. We had talked about his love for GA and when inspiration hit he created this awesome drawing. Hopefully he'll find time to do more work for the blog. You all should check out his beautiful graphic novel In the Blink of an Eye. I fucking love my copy and definitely recommend ordering your own.

September 29, 2007

ChaosMen: Nick & Zack


There's no doubt that Zack Randall is a star. Even though he's been in big porn films, I love seeing him on ChaosMen. The last time Zack was on the site Bryan got him to top for the first time in awhile. Zack's topping again in this video with hottie Nick. It's obvious that these guys are totally into each other. Watching Nick slobber all over Zack's big uncut cock is so hot. Once Zack starts fucking him, Nick keeps begging for more. I hear the guys had such a good time that they went for round two off camera in their hotel room later that night. Check out all the action at ChaosMen.



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