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Fanboys were up in arms when Alex Ross' cover to Justice Society of America #7 was previewed back in April. Apparently the new Citizen Steel's bulge was way too prominent. Some even went so far as to say the character apparently had a steel hard boner. So when the issue hit stores this week I was suprised to see that Steel's package had been toned down considerably. It's curious that in an industry where super-heroine's nippples are routinely visible through their spandex costumes that one dude's junk could cause such a stir.

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It was just a misunderstanding. The editor had told Alex to make Citizen Steel look "hard" and Alex took that the wrong way.


yeah... the comics industry has some serious penis-phobia goin' on. probably a combination of American prudery and Japanese femboys.


Its the fact that some GUYS thought he had an erection that gets me! Have they ever seen their own penis?! Erections don't look like that!!

Wow! That's messed up. How repressed are these folks?!


Oh, silly, Dude. When are you going to realize that the penis is by it's very nature obscene.

I imagine all the fanboys going "we don't want to see his package. That gross! Now, can we get BatGirl and Ravager to make out!?"

It's their Universe, we just read it.

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