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Daily Dudetube


Well that didn't take long. It's only been 4 months since Civil War tore the Marvel superheroes apart. In this week's World War Hulk #1 it looks like everyone's back together to fight the menace of old purple pants. I thought the WWH twist was going to be Iron Man realizing he couldn't save the world without the unregistered heroes.


The Sandbach Rugby team was recently featured on the UK series Generation Xcess. In this video we get to see what the lads get up to on a typical Saturday night. I just can't stop watching this video! via Towleroad via EthanSays via Face Full of Stuff


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Aw :(:

is there another link it's gone now :(


I just happened to be visiting the UK when this aired. I couldn't believe my eyes when this was playing on ITV2 in my hotel room. Those guys definitely should show off more often!

Arkon Crest:

OK, I don't think this could ever happen here in the US with the rampant homophobia. God, I wish I was a rugby player in that group :-) ...

ahh, how i love spidy's black suite, so sexy and simple. and iron man looks so weird in that suite, as if the juggernaut had sex with a turtle. i really need to start reading the civil war series...

and i really don't know what it is about rugby players and nudity (like this one here)
i know that if i didn't fear for the safety of my skull, i would be on a team lickity split. amazing video as always!

They're such fags!!! God bless'em... Thanks a lot for the video ;)


dudes - this is why athletes r the best :)


Wow. How horny are these guys. Why can't I ever "come across" guys like these when I am out?
Think I may have to save this as a favourite!!

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